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Managed Service

VDD’s Managed Services provides many benefits, designed to free you from the necessary but time-consuming chores of monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure.

Offered at a fixed monthly cost, VDD delivers a complete IT operational managed services model:
  • Based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) approach
  • Backed by a 24×7×365 Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Monitors and proactively manages your IT infrastructure including network devices, servers and application performance, CPU utilization, available disk space, event logs ...
VDD’s efficient system administration and support means customers typically save 10-20% in Managed Services expenses. At no additional cost, we provide a Site Manager backed up by senior specialist resource as required to ensure your system is continually monitored for assured reliability. With VDD’s Managed Services, you also get an initial IT system assessment and an action plan for your IT environment included in the one-time installation fee.

Our goal is to prevent any incidence related to IT system from occurring, but if they do, we solve them as efficiently and effectively as possible to minimize disruptions to your business.


Let's find out what are benifits when using our Managed Serivce?

  • All critical information of your system (server, network, security, configuration,..) are recorded as files for management controller.
  • Technical support & maintenance report will help for analytic and statistic.
  • Easy to track back as well as forecast for upcoming action plan.
Team-Support Level:
  • You may sometime find out the limitation of your IT Staff ability: lack of experience, knowledge, not yet update the new technology, high workload, …then the Solution to handle problems might not be well and on time.
  • With Managed Service, not only your IT staff or our IT Specialist, but also the whole VDD Technical Team will be at your back site who always ready to co-work and cooperate together to provide you with in-time & perfect solutions.
No hidden cost
  • You only need to pay a fixed amount monthly, then VDD will take care all the matters of your system.
  • Easy for Financial Division to forecast the budget plan yearly.
  • No matter within working hours or overtime, VDD will be available to handle any problems happening with the system.
Replacement Service
  • Concern about the interruption of system or even business operation will be no more. All equipment managed will be replace with respective level of performance to ensure the continuity of the System.
  • Failed equipment will be sent to warranty as per manufacturer’s policy.
Proactive Risk Management
  • With detailed schedule of monitoring, supervising and maintaining the system often, all the potential risk or trouble will be detected in earlier stage, so that we may arrange the appropriate action plan to avoid the downtime or trouble which may effect to business operation.
System Consulting
  • Being as a Service Provider with multi-range of different brands, we are self-confident to consult you with appropriate Solutions to maximize the System Performance, and also saving as much as cost and downtime.
  • All your concern of system will be recorded and converted to relevant efficient solution.
Online/Onsite Support
  • Unlimited online support: utilize of Ticket Management System, all requests will be handle in time.
  • Unlimited onsite support & troubleshoot in case the problem could not be fixed remotely.
Service Level Agreement
  • As one of key factor of our Service Quality, SLA (Service Level Agreement) is treated as critical & highest commitment to make sure the satisfaction of our Customer.
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